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jLaw Wellbeing Practice

jLaw Wellbeing Practice recognises that wellbeing starts with you. Wellbeing is about becoming curious and taking action in order you develop personal skills and positively change problem areas in your life. We can offer this on a one to one basis or through group work. Areas we offer guidance and support in are:- smoking cessation, weight management, mood management, anxiety management and self esteem.

jLaw Wellbeing Practice groupwork aims to help you to work towards self-acceptance, personal growth, developing and maintaining positive relationships. You will develop new ways to experience and deal with difficult emotions, thoughts and daily life stressors.

Our groups are specifically designed to target personal problem areas, for example, weight loss and management, low self esteem and motivation.

Groups are motivationally designed, to address each individual's needs and desires and we provide a safe and trusting environment from which to explore these.